Emotional Trauma and God’s Love











By Rosa Long

The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite. For example, dark has light as an opposite, bad has good, male has female, etc. This law also promises that every adversity has a seed of equal or greater benefit. So, here we are being told that we have opposites for every challenge and a benefit of equal value.

Well, Alleluia! I love knowing that all the pain I’ve been through has or will bring me a great blessing because I went through it. I had a hard time finding the blessing after living with my mother-in-law for over three years when we moved to Maryland. She was a very difficult person and really didn’t like me because I stood by my values.

It was hard, but while living with her, we were able to get ourselves settled into good jobs that later allowed us to purchase our first home in 1999…it was a beautiful home that we ended up selling for $100,000 more than what we paid for it. I guess that was a blessing that was of equal or great benefit. I seem to see a theme here with my houses. You’ll see what I mean.

Some years later, we moved to Florida in the heat of summer for a short stint and ended up in California the following spring. It took us another three years to be able to purchase a home due to the housing market being so high. When we finally were able to buy a new home, we were not even a year into it when my sister-in-law asked if she could live with us. She sold everything she could and drove 3,000 miles to live with us due to circumstances that include way more drama than I care to mention here. 

The next four years were even harder than living with her mother because this time she was in my own home, my personal space was being invaded. Only through God’s love and support did I survive the emotional trauma it caused me. It did not help that during this time, my job was also a very unhealthy environment. I knew my body, mind and soul could not take much more. We finally asked her to move out after 4 years! 

This still did not relieve my unhealthy work environment. I had been wanting to move out of California for years and I was miserable there. An opportunity, that could only have been made possible by my loving Heavenly Father, allowed us to move to Arizona. Before moving, though, I prayed hard that this move would be to our benefit and everything that happened there would be for our benefit.

I moved forward with that intention and not only did we find the perfect house for our family, we were able to purchase it while still owning our California home that we rented out until we were able to sell it at a higher market value. The deal we got on our current home was also amazing. It grew to be worth almost $100,000 more than what we purchased it for. All things have been to our benefit here in Arizona and we are overjoyed by the turn of events in our lives.

I learned that we will never have anyone live with us again and we will never put ourselves in a position to live with someone else. We enjoyed creating a future of joy and abundance for our family, and it’s exciting to watch it unfold.


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