Be Excited For Your Challenges

By Rosa Long

The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite. For example, dark has light as an opposite, bad has good, male has female, etc. This law promises that every adversity has a seed of equal or greater benet. This means our challenges have opposites and those opposites are greater in value than our challenges were in our hardship. 

Well, Alleluia! There are great benets to our struggles. The bigger the struggle, the greater the benet. Alleluia! I cannot say that enough. What a relief it is, truly. I have lived through many challenges and I know they are all relative to yours (and I will write more on that later), but to me, I carried some tough burdens. 

I have lived with relatives that have been really 

challenging to be around. I have raised two sons 

with autism. I have raised a daughter who 

struggled through her teenage years, like most 

teenagers. I have struggled with my marriage 

because of the challenges of the afore 

mentioned and yet, here I am, experiencing the 

greatest joy I have ever experienced in my life.

Intentionally using success principles that work 

Everything Works to My Benet 

When I was fresh out of high school, I was spiritually led to join the Army, sign up for 4 years in order to go to Germany which led me to nding the love of my life. There is so much more to that story, but that is for another time. Brian was the best partner I could ever have in this lifetime.  

When this journey started back in 1988, I was scared but excited at this new adventure. After I met Brian, I knew I was going to have an amazing life.  1. Brian and I are perfect for each other 

  1. Brian’s strengths are my weaknesses 
  2. Brian’s weaknesses are my strengths 
  3. Brian is intelligent and has great potential 
  4. Brian is a man of integrity and kindness 
  5. Brian and I work so well together 

I could go on and on with the list of why I was so assured life was going to be amazing with Brian. Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! I cannot help but laugh an my naivete back then. I was literally that naïve. All those things are true of Brian but the Law of Polarity is everywhere…it is real, just like the Law of Gravity. We cannot see any of these laws but they impact our lives. 

Brian and I have had a great life together but in the past thirty-some years we have talked about divorce, I have cried more tears than I can count, we have struggled with his escaping into gaming and my reading so we could avoid dealing with our biggest challenge…communication. It was there glaring at us all the time but we did not know how to open up and be vulnerable and safe enough with each other to deal with it. 

Intentionally using success principles that work 

Everything Works to My Benet 

Poor communication in a marriage is like hanging on by a thread. We stuck together through our unconditional love for our children, living in gratitude for each other, our family and because we were meant to be together, damn it! Go back and read how I was spiritually led to him.

Intentionally using success principles that work 

Everything Works to My Benet 

Now, as I sit on the other side of this struggle, my husband and I talk about EVERYTHING. When we feel there might be a miscommunication, we talk about it and there is no story or assumptions, only a desire to understand. We choose to be open and vulnerable and we are loving it. We recreate our relationship every day and make it our priority,  

What I have seen looking back at this challenge is that I received many blessings along the way and here are just a few: 

  1. I grew stronger 
  2. I learned something new 
  3. I became a better person 
  4. I mended relationships 

I am writing this now, on the other side of our communication challenge. I don’t even recognize who we have become, we are so dierent. It is a complete polarity experience! 

I am amazed as I think upon all the joy I have 

experienced, all the knowledge I have learned, all 

the wisdom I have gained and the person I have 

become. I am BEING the magnicent reward on 

the other side because I am no longer the person 

who started this journey in 1988. 

I encourage you to not be discouraged when hard things come into your life. Know that the greater the adversity, you can expect there is a seed of equal or greater benet for you. Just remember Brian and Rosa Long and you will know it is true.


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