#2: How to RECEIVE

A few years ago I had a troubling experience with one of my readers. Through this experience, I learned a powerful lesson about “how to receive”.

Let’s talk about a piece that sometimes gets overlooked: our ability to receive what we’re asking for.

It takes a certain amount of faith to ‘receive’, and I’ll show you why. And, as a thanks for all of the tremendous love and support I’ve felt from my readers since 2002, I have an additional GIFT below, a downloadable guide on this topic – but if you want to “receive” this gift, there is an “obstacle” that must first be “overcome”.

You will be taken to a Shopping Cart page where the file will be listed as FREE. No need for credit card info, just tell me who you are and you’ll be sent the download. There is a reason I am delivering it this way…  see how you do!

Listen to the podcast, and then click here to request your FREE GIFT


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  1. Diane

    Aloha Leslie ~

    What an inspiring download and a wonderful gift. Thank you so very much. I understand the irony of the comments, I also understand the message in your gift.

    If I can be so bold as to share a story . . . while grocery shopping yesterday, I happened upon a woman who was quite loud with every ‘friend’ she met in the store – guess we were all there doing our Christmas dinner shopping! The biggest influence I received from her (and I don’t know her at all) was her negativity and victim status: her goal yesterday must have been to let the world know how burdened she was at having to create this big dinner for her family and, well the whole “whoa is me” scenario.

    15 minutes later I was at the meat display counter at the same time she was. I must say, I have never heard such a barrage of ugliness and verbal abuse aimed at any one person before in my life, at least not in public. When I looked to see to whom she was speaking, I found her husband standing there, not saying a word, just taking it! How hurt and sorry I felt for him! And because I didn’t want to be around such negativity, I turned and went down the closest isle I could, to get away from it.

    But then the thoughts came: what could I have said to her to make her day, what kind of smile would it take to brighten her soul, what could I have said to help her change her perspective? The biggest thing? How blessed she was to have the best Christmas gift in the world – her husband and her family! You see, I lost my husband 6 years ago, and my children are scattered around the country.

    But I didn’t say a word and ran in the opposite direction to get away from the mean words! And I kicked myself all the way home – it was a long 45 mile drive.

    Then I listened to your download and wondered: what valuable lesson could God possibly be giving me in this? Heaven forbid that there could possibly be a lesson for me when this woman was certainly the one who needed the lesson!

    Well there was one for me. Aren’t we told that sometimes the negatives we see in others is a reflection of the negatives in our own selves? Immediately I thought – never in a million years would I ever act like this woman did – to anyone. But I do, I do it to myself all the time, in my internal language! It is a continuous bombardment of negativity throughout the day, everyday! And I wonder why I have no self-confidence, no self-esteem??!! An amazing thing is the discovery of ones faults, but an even more amazing discovery is the awareness of those things and the choice we have to change them.

    I can’t tell you how many times (at least 12 that I am aware of) I have stopped myself and redirected my thoughts since listening to the download yesterday evening and discovering this simple life lesson.

    So to you I am very grateful. For the lesson, for your free gift, for the JackRabbit Factor, which I immediately re-read and for a chance to relate a story of discovery.

    Happy Holidays ~

  2. Emily

    Your free dowload could not have come at a better time. It reminds me of your analogy of a child asking a parent for a sandwich. I realize that this is the answer to my recent prayers. I’ve been continually praying for blessings expecting them to come a certain way. Its time for me to truly open my mind and see what other ways Heavenly Father may be providing. Have a joyous, peaceful Christmas!

  3. Linda

    Thanks, Leslie!

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I listened to your download this morning! I see myself as someone on BOTH sides of your tale. At different times I have been both the Penny and the Leslie – and feeling like beating my head against the wall in both instances! I have a sibling who always seems to have the Midas Touch in reverse gear – he always manages to snatch failure out of the jaws of success. I have the same tendencies, and while I do identify with the Penny in your tale, I find it critical that I remember to look around for what the Lord is trying to get ME to see!

    Yes, the messages from Lee, George, and Lou are very ironic – emphasizing the fact that it’s SO easy to look to someone else to solve our problems for us when the answers are often right before our faces, if we can but open our eyes – and hearts and minds – to see the answer the Lord is so ready, willing, and anxious to give us … just as soon as we are ready to receive and BENEFIT from the information.

    A lesson learned many years ago in a college class helps put it in perspective: The professor asked if there were any of us who did not believe that being the sudden recipient of a ton of gold would be a blessing. After giving us a few moments to ponder the question, we were asked how it would be if we were in a rowboat out in the ocean when we received that ton of gold! We quickly realized that we have to be in the right “place” to receive any blessing, or it could well be a curse!

    So, here’s to you and yours, our wish for a very blessed Christmas! May we be ready to receive the bounteous blessings the Lord is anxious to bestow upon us!

    God bless us, everyone!

  4. lauro

    Yes all three were “ironic”.

    Then you also have the extremes of giving to much and are always being broke. Most of it is done because of a lack of self-esteem and feelings of inferiority. They are always trying to buy friends, which is the other side of the coin. Still the same problem.
    Merry Christmas all.
    My wish is that you all “THRIVE” in the new year.

  5. john davis

    hi leslie,

    how many times do we focus on the bugs on the windscreen instead of our destination causing use to crash and burn

    thxs happy new year

  6. Stan P Cox II

    Aloha Leslie!
    Yeah your experience with ‘Penny’ was unreal! And your lesson was eye-opening! The thing I appreciated most was your admission of GOD, and your vision of Him rejoicing in your asking for right blessings, and His happiness to Give! I love that!
    SPC II

  7. John

    Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for the free download. I listened to it twice yesterday and decided to re-read The JackRabbit Factor today as a Christmas gift to myself. I’m about half way through now and the spiritual aspects of the book and it’s teachings are becoming more apparant this time around.

    Thanks again and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.



  8. Christine

    Hi Leslie,
    I listened to your audio yesterday and it is all I have thought about since. I keep thinking about how God wants something for us/me and I/we keep asking for that thing and expect him to give it to me/us a certain way. BUT he may be giving it to me in a way I don’t expect, or that is a better alternative. How many times do we ask god for something and he is giving us what we need but we don’t recognize it? Just as well he is so powerful because he would probably be driven insane – we could all be Pennys. I am certainly looking at things in a different way, and like Jan I am going back over the book.
    Merry Christmas and thank you for your gift.
    Kind Regards from Christine

  9. Carola

    Leslie, when I first heard your story (I’m doing the FTMF course) I laughed out loud when the tale of woe just carried on & on, snowballing. And yes, I was grinning broadly when I read the responses above. I did check out the link, and the price in the shopping cart is indeed zero.

    But hey, I have often done a similar thing, partly from past frustration at not being able to access things (like teleseminars) from South Africa. I expect to have a problem and – surprise? – problem appears! Or appears to appear.

    Thanks for being a brilliant teacher. A blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  10. James

    When you first mentioned it I remember the story you were talking about. I had no problem downloading the file. I did what you said. It works great.

  11. Hi, Leslie

    I really appreciated this audio–and process–for a few reasons.

    1. Everything I’ve received from you is Valuable Information. I have a free weekly newsletter where I include resources for readers (I’ve included links to your offerings in previous issues). Naturally, I wanted to listen to this one. It’s Christmas Eve. I’ve got many things I “choose” to get done before 5 p.m., when my celebrations kick into gear. I clicked on the link twice then closed it, each time thinking, “I’d rather a simple link.” But, an inner nudge of “I provide items of value and benefit to assist readers” kept nudging. Third time’s a charm. I went through the process and was glad I did. Not only is your link included in my issue that goes live tomorrow (Friday), but I included (again) the link for The Jackrabbit Factor (which I read twice in two days when I downloaded it–and posted it on all of my social sites).

    2. At the start of the audio, you say it’s “brief.” I didn’t time it, but it’s a little “longer” than I expected “brief” to be (and was I glad of it). This caught my attention to the fact I was rushing–rushing myself instead of flowing and enjoying. I’m doing things I love–why would I rush? Thanks for the reminder!

    Thank you for opening your mind and heart as you did years back. Thank you for sharing your light.

  12. Vicky

    Hi Leslie,

    Thank you for the great gift yesterday. I was having a really bad day & it was much needed. After listening to the story that related to me at every turn, I was able to think more clearly and could see some adjustments I need to make.

    Thanks Again, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Leslie it really gave me an insight towards receiving and not mere asking all the time without give that space for reception. I will look forward to wait in bliss to receive what I have asked for earnestly in the highest good of all without any violations of the laws. I need to reassess my gratitude statement and read the jackrabbit factor again to delve into the depths of my heart and find out what i really want with a sincere intent. Many Thanks



  14. Jim Brown


    I listened to the MP3 file yesterday, it was eye-opening. Great “stuff” (one of my favorite words). Did not pick up on the “irony” of the three comments referred to in your email if the comments are those listed above on this page. Gymbeaux

  15. Sherrie

    Leslie, Thanks so much for being so willing to share abundantly what you have learned and showing us how to do the same by example.


  16. Bev McCrostie

    Leslie, thank you for the reminder of how prayers are answered and what my role is in the relationship. I hadn’t thought to link life coaching with how God “coaches” me through my life.
    Yikes! I just remembered that I downloaded a copy of the Jack Rabbit Factor and haven’t got around to reading it yet. It’s now top of my reading list for the new year.

  17. Amy

    Leslie – Thank you for your generosity and have a very Merry Christmas!

  18. Lou

    I would love to have read your gift – but all I kept on getting was your shopping cart!! Sadly, I’ve given up. Merry Christmas! Lou.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Lou, after you click on the link, true, you DO end up in a shopping cart. But if you’ll look closely you’ll notice that the cost of the download is FREE, and it never asks you for any payment nor payment info. Simply fill in the form and the download link will show up on the next page. Because it is an excerpt from the FTMF program, the file is delivered through our secure delivery system which is triggered only when someone “checks out”. Oh, and the link will also come to you in an email in case that final page doesn’t show up. I hope this helps! Leslie

  19. George

    please send details

    1. Leslie

      Hi George, what “details” are you waiting for? Leslie

  20. Lee

    Clicking the download link will take you to: Secure Cart.aspx, no downloads available from there 🙂 Best regards and wishes for a Merry Christmas

    1. Leslie

      Hi Lee, it’s delivered through a shopping cart checkout system, but the price is FREE, so it won’t even ask you for credit card information. I suggest you try it again in a different browser. (If you’re using Internet Explorer, try Firefox, or vise-versa). We’ve had a flood of people successfully access it, so I know the system is working. Hopefully this adjustment will help. Warm regards, Leslie

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