#2: How to RECEIVE

A few years ago I had a troubling experience with one of my readers. Through this experience, I learned a powerful lesson about “how to receive”.

Let’s talk about a piece that sometimes gets overlooked: our ability to receive what we’re asking for.

It takes a certain amount of faith to ‘receive’, and I’ll show you why. And, as a thanks for all of the tremendous love and support I’ve felt from my readers since 2002, I have an additional GIFT below, a downloadable guide on this topic – but if you want to “receive” this gift, there is an “obstacle” that must first be “overcome”.

You will be taken to a Shopping Cart page where the file will be listed as FREE. No need for credit card info, just tell me who you are and you’ll be sent the download. There is a reason I am delivering it this way…  see how you do!

Listen to the podcast, and then click here to request your FREE GIFT


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  1. Shaunna Bach

    I love the concept of Responding rather than Reacting. Responding takes and keeps the situation going in a positive direction even when the situation seemed very negative. The Law of Relativity teaches that everything is relative. There is no use in comparing, stay positive and go forward!

  2. Roseanne

    It’s time to receive!! I’m open!!

  3. Rosemarie

    Thank you for the free download, and the podcast! Sometimes we have to recognize the blessing before we can receive it! And it’s often right in front of our eyes. Thank you for sharing the Penny story and for your generousity. We really do get what we focus on. Merry Christmas!

  4. Craig E Lewis

    Thank you Leslie, I have been working on my receiving for some time and I still find myself after the fact having missed seeing and receiving opportunities. That is just the few I have noticed.

  5. Jenne

    Thank you, Leslie, for the free lesson! I have been nosing back into my JRF stuff again after several years during which time I KNOW my thinking and functioning — and the thinking and functioning of others I have shared JRF with — have been positively shaped by your teachings. (I first learned about you and the JRF from a set of TJEd Forum audio downloads I purchased in 2010.) Very much appreciate the expansive gift you offer the world!

  6. Leanna Christensen

    Leslie Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I love all that you have taught me!! I have all your downloads and read the jackrabbit factor a couple of times. I am currently enjoying your Ecourse files. Thank you so much for all you do.

    PS is there a way I could pay for your premium mindset mastery special in 4 installments?

    1. Leslie Householder

      Hi Leanna, I’m sorry we don’t have a 4-pay plan available at this time, but I will send out a notification in my newsletter if that changes. Thank you for your interest!

  7. Michelle Taylor

    Thank you Leslie for this audio and for all that you have written. 17 years of seeing my world in such a negative way has truly affected me as a person. I never was a really negative person growing up, and I had the kind of faith that you talk about. When I married my husband, we lived with his family, who were cynical and only saw “reality”. One day his dad told me that I lived in a queendom and the world doesn’t work the way I saw it. So, I started seeing the world through “reality” and it was dark and scary. So, over the years this became my new view. It feels so good to see, but to see with understanding the faith that I once had and how to make it work for me. I am excited to share this with others and help change lives!

    1. Amanda

      Thank you for sharing this and your books. I have all the free downloads, I also have purchased hard copies of your books and love to reread and mark them. What you teach and so clear and concise and the missing link in my personal development journey. Your company is so pleasurable to work with as well.

  8. Rosa Long

    I have a couple of friends that struggle with depression. I have tried and tried to help by giving them counsel in various ways but they don’t receive it and if they do, they are not willing to take action on it. I think they are so comfortable in their situation that are not ready to make the change and therefore, not able to receive the information I give them. It gives me the feeling of helplessness but I realize that I cannot change them. It is their decision/choice.

  9. Jonna States

    Thank you for your insight, Leslie. Feeling worthy to receive has been a roadblock for me all my life. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to change that.

  10. Alan Shield

    Sometimes we just need reminding. Thank you so much

  11. Lindsay

    Thank you Leslie for the audio and the PDF. I am so grateful for you and the light and knowledge you have brought into my life.

  12. Jerusha Smith

    I think the greatest thing about this podcast for me was the message that even though we give up on ourselves, God never gives up on us. You did all you could for Penny, she just had to receive, but even when she didn’t, you didn’t quit on her . . . although, she clearly had to do her part at one point because you could do no more. What a perfect example. It makes me think of all of the impatience we show others or situations, and how much patience would change the scenario for the better, one way or another. Penny clearly kept reaching out, but sometimes, like her, I have found my fists clenched in pain and frustration and I cannot receive. I love that you did not judge her–she had clearly already done that to herself, as do we all at times, don’t we?

  13. Donna

    Thank you. With gratitude forever for the changes I am seeing in my life.

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